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Took me forever, I know. I'm sorry. I got stuck. But here it is,… - Azazel & Riptide's Kingdom [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 28th, 2012|04:24 pm]
Azazel & Riptide's Kingdom


Took me forever, I know. I'm sorry. I got stuck. But here it is, ready to go.

Author: Lapin
Title: Don't Let Me Fall 7/?
Rating: M
Warnings: Discussions of violence, sexual situations
Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the Marvel corporation and express no ownership over it or the characters used. I profit in no way from this use.
Summary: To be with someone is to accept them for all that makes them who they are. But there is a difference between knowing what a man is capable of, and seeing it. When Janos' past becomes a part of his present, he is confronted with a side of Azazel he wishes he'd never seen.

In Angel's bedroom, the lights were low, but Janos could still see Emma, and her sympathetic expression.

“Azazel has reasons, Janos. You know that.” She said calmly.

“You think I overreacted.” He kind of thought he had, now that his anger was cooling, but he wasn't sure, not really. He had every right to be angry, he felt, but maybe he had gone too far. No, he knew he had gone too far, letting his anger at the whole of everything be directed at Azazel.

“I think you're hurt.” She corrected. “Janos, look at you. You will never have a reason to doubt the affections of another. Azazel does though. You have to see things from where he's standing.”

“He was my friend.” Janos said. “He knows me. He knows I am not like that.”

“Does he?” She asked. “You said you two hadn't really talked yet. You've been telling each other how you feel, yes, but you know that's not enough. Passion cools, given enough time. Love doesn't. Azazel needs to know that your love has nothing to do with that. That in four years time, you'll still want him by your side, after the honeymoon is over.”

“You're making me look like the villain.” Janos mused, pulling his knees up.

“You're not. You had legitimate reasons to be angry.” She closed her eyes and sighed, obviously still very tired. “He's upset. Very much so. I've never felt him like this before. The trees might not survive. He keeps telling himself how stupid he is, how he's driven you away.” She opened her eyes to half-mast. “Has he?”

“He's stupid. I'll agree with that.” Emma didn't smile, and Janos put his head down on his knees. “No. You know how I feel about him. How much I love him.” She nodded, and reached out her hand, fluttering her fingers. Janos took the hint and intertwined his with hers, letting himself seek tranquility in the calm of her mind.

“How are you, my friend?” He asked, a question long overdue on his part.

“I didn't love him.” She answered, seeing his thoughts. “How could I? How could I love a man who couldn't even remember my brother's name?”

“But you miss him.”

“A little. Sometimes. I don't know.” She rolled onto her side, their hands remaining linked. “He was everything to me, for a time there.”

“You thought he rescued you.” Janos reminded her, remembering that day. “You thought he loved you.” Emma nodded along with him, closing her eyes again. “You jumped into bed with Angel rather quickly.”

“Don't judge me. Not all of us have to be stupid for seven years before someone makes a move.” There was no heat in the words though. She was too tired to even try. “Angel and I met on the astral plane first. It's a deeper connection. I could see everything, from the very first meeting.” She shifted again. “Her mind is beautiful. All sunshine and warmth.”

“Sometimes, I think I would like your ability.”

“No, you don't.” Emma refuted. “Or you'll be the one doing Lehnsherr's spying. He had me peek in on your brothers.” Janos winced in sympathy. To go so far without a familiar mind to link to had to have been difficult. No wonder she was exhausted.

“Poor Emma,” He cooed, only half-joking, releasing her hand to stroke her hair.

“That's right, poor Emma. Fuck this. Why are we still here?” Janos shrugged.

“Where else would we go?”

“We have places all over the world.” Emma said, with a half-pout. “We could have run like hell. Leave the rest of them behind. Think of what a nice, quiet life we could live Janos. Maybe in Switzerland? Or Norway? Up in the mountains, where Azazel and Angel could be left alone, where we could all be left alone.”

“Emma,” He shook his head. The life she was painting sounded nice, but even he knew it was impossible. They were all too driven, too immersed in the war. They were too young to retire. “Maybe, in a few years, we could do that. Run away and never come back. Or maybe we could open a school, like what Xavier is supposedly doing. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Teaching children like Neena and Miranda.”

“You like kids, don't you?”

Janos shrugged.

“I've always gotten along with children.” Emma nodded along.

“Not me. I never know what to do with them. Their minds aren't like an adults. They're so much more complex, so emotional and quick to change. But I'm trying. I want these two to like me.”

“What have we gotten ourselves into?” Janos sighed, and Emma softly laughed. “I mean this, we have gotten in over our heads. It was all very nice when it was 'go rescue the children', but now what do we do with them? They need to be educated, trained. And my friend, I think you will agree, we are not the most ah, impressive, examples of parenting. Lehnsherr grew up in the camps, Mystique and Xavier raised themselves as far as I can tell,”

“Oh god,” She interrupted, with a laugh, “We're depending on Azazel and Angel to raise these girls right, aren't we?”

“I think if we threw them to the wolves, they'd have a better chance.” Janos said, laughing too. “Angel will teach them how to dance, Azazel will teach them how to kill.”

Emma gave another desperate giggle, the situation in its entirety dawning on her as well, how utterly fucked they were, and they were both laughing after a moment, Janos leaning over to touch his forehead to Emma's shoulder as they both shook with it, their fingers locked tight with one another's.

“I guess you can teach music,” She managed, “And I will teach fashion.”

“Do not dress them like you, please,” He pleaded, his laughing almost uncontrollable. “White on poor Neena, she will look like a little storm cloud.”

“Oh god, that poor girl. I don't want to dress her in black, that's no color for a child, but what else will match?”

“Red?” He suggested, and she giggled again. “What about Miranda? What will we put her in?”

“I have no idea. None at all.”

“If I didn't know better,” The door was opening slowly, as Angel slipped in, smiling. “I'd be worried about you two in bed together.”

“Are they asleep?” Emma asked, as Angel glided over to the bed, silent on the old, thick carpet.

“For now. Mystique is taking over for the night.” The girl climbed into bed beside Emma, but there was nothing intimate in the way she wrapped her arm around Emma's waist. Both were too tired for anything sexual, and Emma's link with Janos gave no indication of wanting him to leave. “What are we going to do?”

“About the girls?” Janos asked, but Angel shook her head, eyes heavy-lidded.

“No. About you killing Joash.”

Emma's fingers tightened in his.

“I don't know.” He answered. “Lehnsherr is angry, but we covered our tracks. Or rather, Azazel covered our tracks.”

“I assume in the most violent way possible.” Emma said.

“You know that his way works best.” Janos reminded her, and she didn't argue. “But honestly, I do not know what Lehnsherr will do, or what my brothers will do. Joash was Joseph's favorite, and honestly, I'm not sure he ever thought of what would happen if Joash was killed. He was their strategy.”

“Joseph is confused.” Emma said. “But mostly, he's furious with you. I can't link to Josiah, he's too dim. And Jesimiel is keeping me out with that technique of his.”

“What do you think we'll do?” Angel asked.

“Lehnsherr wants us to stay here.” Emma shifted a little, so that her and Angel were closer together. “This place is isolated, and we have the high ground if we're ever attacked. Which was the point of it, of course. Azazel knows the grounds well, you have room for flight and evasion, Janos has plenty of room, and I have more than one place I can set up camp at. There are plenty of places to hide the girls too.”

“But if we need to leave?”

“We have a stronghold in Switzerland.” Janos said, thinking. “But I would rather not take the girls there. It's not built for comfort, and there are weapons everywhere. Not exactly safe. There's the house in Japan, but we have some other problems there. For one, we stand out too much, and another, Shaw was the only one who spoke the language.”

“That is a problem.” Angel was fast falling asleep, her eyes staying closed as she spoke. “Do you think we'll get more kids?”

“Probably.” Emma yawned, covering her mouth with her hand.

“That'll be nice. Like a real family. I always wanted a big family.”

“Me too.” Emma agreed, a little sadly.

“Me too.” Janos echoed.

“What about Azazel? What does he want?” Angel asked innocently.

“I don't know. I should ask, I think.”

“You should.” With that, her breathing evened out, as she gave in to sleep at last.

“She's right.” Emma said. “Go talk to the man, before he breaks something valuable.” She gave him one last burst of affection and comfort before releasing his hand.

Janos rose, then bent, and pressed a kiss to Angel's temple, and Emma's own.

“Janos,” He paused over her. “I know you feel like it's just you and Azazel against the world, but I'm in this with you too. Maybe I don't love you the same way he does, but I do love you. You are my family. And you could have an even bigger one, if you would just give them a chance.” She meant Angel, and Mystique, and the girls.

He withdrew, frowning.

“How do I know I can trust them? You?”

She smiled at him, soft and pretty.

“If you're comparing me to that trash you happen to share a bloodline with, I will hurt you. I mean it. I'll make you think that the sugar is ant larvae or something, make you drink your coffee like a real man. Don't ever compare me to that man with fucking rocks for brains.”

He knelt beside her, smiling, and pushed her loose hair behind her ear.

“I would never compare you to Josiah, our dear White Queen.” He assured her. “You look much better in a skirt than he ever would.”

“Ugh,” She muttered, shoving at him. “Go, get out. Talk to your man. His mind is driving me crazy.”

“Going,” He said, backing out. “Going.”

“Janos, one more thing.”


“Don't dismiss his fears. If you want this to last, and I know you do, you need more than sex. You have to actually commit to him. He needs it more than most men.”

“Thank you.”

He closed the door, leaving the two in darkness to sleep, and leaned against the wall for a minute, trying to think. There was too much going on, with the girls, and his brothers, and now this. He had to compartmentalize, and deal with this, one piece at a time. In the morning, he and Lehnsherr would talk, sort this out, and the girls would be adjusted to.

Right now, he needed to sort this out with Azazel.

He found his jacket, with the fur on it, and put his shoes on before heading outside. Emma said the trees were in danger, which told him where he'd gone to get out his anger.

He heard him as he approached, the metal of Azazel's swords clanging into the trees.

He was shirtless in the cold air, his knuckles wrapped, hair out of place from sweat, feet bare in the cold grass. Janos never understood that, how the cold effected him so little, when Janos could barely be out here in his coat.

“You are going to freeze.” Azazel didn't look at him as he said it, and his tone told Janos how angry he still was.

“I'm not delicate.”

“No, but you take cold easily.” He dropped his swords on the grass carelessly, an out of character gesture. “Damn it Janos, what? I understood what you told me. Get out of your room, get out of your bed. Do not come back. I do not need to be told twice.”

“I am sorry.”

“So am I.” He muttered. “I do not know what I was thinking. You, with me? I must have been out of my mind.”

“Don't say that.” Janos said, shaking his head, approaching him slowly. “I was angry. Today has been difficult, you know that, and it happened all at once. I lashed out at you. I'm sorry. Please don't end this over me being stupid, and irrational. I will listen to you. I will be better.”

Azazel frowned, and walked away, his back to Janos. Janos felt his heart sink at the dismissal, and berated himself again for his stupidity.

“Azazel, please,” He pleaded. Fuck his pride, there was no one but them out here to see him like this. “Please, I'll do anything you want me to.”

Azazel turned, looking over his shoulder at Janos.

“This is not a good look on you.” He said, running his hands over his hair, attempting to smooth it back into place.

“What do you want me to say? That I love you? You know I do. You know how I feel about you.” Or maybe he really just didn't, Janos thought, coming closer, close enough he could rest his head on Azazel's shoulder. A shudder ran through him, but he didn't pull away.

“Then why did you say that to me?”

“Because you don't trust me, and it made me angry. I need you to believe that I want this.” He let his hand wrap around Azazel's, even though the hold was a bit awkward. “I'm not in this for a year. I want this for as long as we can make this work. But it won't if we don't talk, will it?”

“I should not have said that.” Azazel conceded. “I was not thinking of how it would sound.”

“Do you forgive me?”

“Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.” Janos smiled against Azazel's skin, and let go. Azazel turned to face him, still looking stern, but he straightened Janos' coat, pulling it closed. “You're going to freeze to death, you keep wandering around out here.”

“I'll be fine. I always am.” He cupped Azazel's face, and pulled him close. “I want you, Azazel. Not a handful of nights where we sleep in each others' rooms.”

“What do you want me for? I'll never be what you need.” Azazel said. “I'll never be normal, never able to give you what you deserve. I will always be violent, angry. And one day, I'll lose control with you. I can feel it.” His hands were suddenly tight on Janos' hips, and Janos realized Azazel was getting hard. “You have no idea how I feel about you sometimes. There have been so many times, when I just wanted to fuck you against a wall, make you scream for me.”

Janos' eyes widened in surprise. Azazel had never been anything but loving with him, even the first time, and he'd always wondered if Azazel wanted more, wanted something a little rougher, but never thought to ask.

“Azazel,” He tried, but Azazel let him go, stepping away.

“I needed this to be more than sex though. I needed you to know it wasn't lust.” He seemed so confused, so torn, and Janos suddenly wanted to laugh.

“Azazel,” He put himself back in Azazel's space, smiling like the predator he was. “Do you think I don't like how you look at me? That I don't like knowing I can bring you to your knees?” Because he could, he knew. He would be willing to bet Azazel would take him right here, if Janos tempted him enough.

“I don't want to hurt you.” Janos recalled him saying that not that long ago, his fears over being too rough with Janos, like Janos was delicate somehow.

“That's sweet,” Janos purred, wrapping his arms around Azazel's neck. “You think you can hurt me.”

“Janos, I know I'm stronger than you,” Azazel warned.

“Not as much as you think.” Janos said. “You want to know what I want from you, Azazel?”


“When we run this world, Azazel when we take our place as kings, you will be my husband.” Azazel's eyes widened. “And I will be yours. And we will live with our family, and we will do as we please. You will not leave me.” Azazel raised no protest, and Janos smiled. “Do you think you are alone in your jealousy, in your fears? There are so many things I worry about. I can't give you children.”

“I think we will have more than enough of those.” Azazel said, and Janos was surprised by the way he grabbed Janos, pulling him tight so Janos could feel his erection. “You would marry me?”

“We will be married. You have no choice, I've already decided.”

“You are an arrogant, spoiled thing. You think you can just order me around?”

“Yes.” Janos said, cupping Azazel's cock in his hand, making him bite back a groan. “Because right now, you want to take me back to our room, and watch me strip for you.” He'd never done it for Azazel, never had to even try to be seductive. Azazel seemed ready at any point in the day, no matter what Janos was doing. Even watching Janos play the cello made his pupils dilate.

“You naked? What will I do with you?”

“You are going to put me on my knees in front of the mirror and fuck me, so you can see.” He held Azazel's eyes, black in the darkness from his arousal. “So you can see that even when you leave bruises, when you mark me up, when I'm shouting from it, I'm not pulling away. You make me so hard, all I want is for you to keep fucking me.”


“You have always trusted me, Azazel. To be there when you needed me,” The hand that killed the gunman with his sights on Azazel, the funnel that cleared his path, the man he'd put his back to without a doubt. “Trust me when I say I love you. That I'm not killing time with you, that I'm not lonely, or desperate. I'm not waiting for something better. There's no one better for me than you. No one I want like I want you.” He was hard too now, his body against Azazel's enough to get his cock interested, his imagination already filling in what he hoped would be some rather memorable sex. He just needed to convince Azazel to come back to him, back to the bed. He could convince him so much better in bed, he knew.

“Just once, I want to stay angry with you.” Azazel said, but he didn't seem very put out.

“Would you rather be angry with me, or fucking me?”

Azazel answered with a kiss, harder than he had yet dared, all teeth and tongue. But it was good, was exactly what Janos needed to hear, as he kissed back, refusing to back down. Azazel needed to realize Janos was pretty, not fragile, not even today, when he had committed his worst sin. He was still Riptide, still able to crush buildings with a twitch of his fingers. He was still a god among insects, just like Azazel.

Azazel released his mouth to go to his neck, biting hard below his jaw, then sucking a mark over his Adam's apple. He was hard against Janos' thigh, and Janos ached from his own want, attempting to rub against Azazel, his body desperate for friction.

“Azazel, the room, please,” He panted, digging his fingers into Azazel's bare back. “It's too cold out here for this.” If his bare skin touched the ground, he'd get frostbite, he was sure. Azazel was built for this hard weather, he was not.

“One day,” Azazel growled. “I'll have you outside, naked.”

“Not during the winter, you won't.” Janos warned, his body begging for something, anything from Azazel.

“I will wrap you in furs, I promise. I will keep you warm.” Azazel's hands were trying to get under Janos' coat, the man clearly more eager than sensible. Janos didn't blame him. His own mind was a mess, despite Emma's help, and right now, all he wanted was to not think, and Azazel was fantastic at helping him not think.

“Or you could just take me inside.” Janos said, raising his eyebrows. Just like that, they disappeared, reappearing in the room, the only light coming from the window.

Janos pushed Azazel back, onto the bed, and left him there. The room didn't have light switches, but a kind of odd dial he'd never seen before. But when Janos turned it, the lights didn't come on.

“This house is too old.” He muttered, and Azazel chuckled. This wasn't the first time it had happened, and they had plenty of candles in the room. Janos took out his lighter and started the task, shrugging off his coat as he went, leaving his shoes and socks by the wardrobe. When there was enough light, he went back to Azazel, standing in front of him in just his trousers and his shirt.

“What did you mean, 'strip for me'?” Azazel asked, clearly interested in the sound of the idea.

“I worked in a club, for a little while.” Janos said, starting on his buttons slowly. “With dancers, like Angel.”

“Did you dance?” Azazel looked torn between arousal and jealousy at the idea, and Janos smirked.

“I served drinks.” He said, but the truth was, Janos had always loved dancing, and he had loved the way the women danced there, so sensual and easy. He could imitate the movement easily enough, found the sway coming to his own hips with just a bit of practice. Other things had taken more time, such as the way the girls could make just the act of looking up through their eyelashes a lure. But judging from the way Azazel was looking at him now, he had it down well enough.

“How do you even exist?” Azazel asked, as Janos let his shirt slide off. “Sometimes, I look at you, I wonder how someone so beautiful can be here.”

“I think you see what you want to see.” Janos suggested, opening the button of his trousers before working the zipper down. “I'm not quite as beautiful as you think.” His trousers went down easily enough and he let them slip over his feet, not really caring where they went. His underwear went last, but quickly, as Azazel lost patience, and grabbed hold of him.

Azazel ran his tongue over Janos' cock, and he gasped in surprise, clutching at him.

“I have seen you, with the wind at your call, and the destruction you can create at your feet. Trust me when I say you are the most beautiful creature in this world.” Unmercifully, he pressed his lips to Janos' hip instead of where he wanted it, and Janos groaned in protest. “What do you want then, Мой шторм? Do you want me on my knees for you?”

“Yes,” Janos would have said 'yes' to anything at that point, especially with Azazel's breath right there, on his cock.

Azazel came off the bed, sinking to his knees, and took him in his mouth. Janos was embarrassed at how he gasped again, how he gripped Azazel's hair in the most inconsiderate way. This had always been one of his favorite ways to get off though, and Azazel had adapted so quickly to how Janos liked it. More than that, he made it better, the soft folds of his tail wrapping around the base, matching his mouth.

When Azazel suddenly pulled away, Janos almost whined from disappointment, and Azazel chuckled as he kissed Janos' abdomen, holding him up.

“You are eager, aren't you?”

“Keep teasing me, and you will find yourself lonely tonight.” Janos warned, almost ready to finish himself. “What are you waiting for?”

“I like the idea of the mirror, Мой шторм, but maybe we will save that for later.” His hands on Janos' hips are suddenly painful.

“What is it you want?” Janos asked, his cock protesting any attempt at conversation right now.

He got his answer when Azazel suddenly wrapped an arm around his hips and threw him down on the bed, on his back, pinning his wrists, caging his hips in with his knees.


“I want you to scream for me,” He said, his voice dark as ink.

“If you think you can make me,” Janos answered. “You're welcome to try.”

Azazel smirked at him, but when he let go of Janos to get the oil, Janos used the opportunity to roll them over, so that Azazel was the one pinned. The way he looked up at Janos was almost worshipful, and Janos loved the way it felt to his ego.

“What are you doing, Janos?” He asked, but he didn't sound like he disliked anything so far.

“We haven't done this yet, have we?” Janos was the first to admit he enjoyed being held down in bed, and Azazel liked doing the holding, but he liked this too, liked making a man weak for him. “Tell me, Azazel, can you make me scream like this?”

Azazel's tail snaking inside of him was his answer, the appendage having dipped itself in when Janos was concentrating on his face, and the surprising penetration made him gasp.

“I can make you scream in any position, Janos.”

Janos was bent over far enough his forehead was almost touching Azazel's chest, as Azazel built up a rhythm with his tail, stroking over the spot inside Janos that made everything fantastic, and he was amazed he didn't come right then. He could feel Azazel's hand near his ass, moving up and down, but he was too lost to care.

Azazel's tail withrew, and was replaced with his cock, Azazel thrusting up hard enough it almost hurt.

“Sit up,” He ordered, and his still-slick tail wound around Janos' wrists, yanking him up by his arm, Azazel's tail stretched to its full length to do so. “I want to look at you.”

“You always want to look at me,” Janos gasped. “How did you stand it before, watching me leave, knowing I was going to fuck some other man?”

“Do not bring that up,” Azazel growled, his tail releasing Janos. He found himself empty suddenly, Azazel disappearing from underneath him, only for an arm to come around his waist from behind, and Azazel to thrust back inside with even more force. “Do not ever bring up other men with me, Janos, do not ever stray, or I swear,”

“What will you do?” Janos asked, pushing back onto Azazel's cock. “Will you kill him?”

“Do not test me.” Azazel says, and his next thrust makes Janos moan, as he falls forward onto his hands. Again, and again, he slammed into Janos, until all Janos could think of was coming, wishing Azazel would touch him, would do something.

“What would you do to me?” He managed, right before Azazel forced something close to a strangled mix of moan and scream out of him.

Azazel bent over his back, not moving, his cock completely in Janos, his mouth on the back of Janos' neck.

“Azazel, Azazel, please, do not stop,” He pleaded, trying to move.

“If you ever stray from me, Janos, I will fuck you until you ache, until you cannot move without thinking of me, until I drive every other man from your mind,” He promised. “If I am your husband, Janos, like you said, if I am yours, then you are mine ,”

“Yes, anything, just, please,” He tried to move again, but Azazel wouldn't let him.

“Say it for me, Janos,”

“Say what?” He pleaded.

“Say you're mine, say it will only ever be me inside of you, only me in your bed,”

“If you don't finish fucking me, Azazel,” He threatened, moving his body, trying to make Azazel give in.

He got his wish when Azazel began a more punishing rhythm, one that pushed Janos forward into the bed before he pulled him up onto his knees, his tail around Janos' waist, both his hands gripping the headboard. Janos let himself catch his balance there as well, and one of Azazel's hands closed over one of his, as Janos rolled his head back against Azazel.

“Only you,” He promised, breathing hard. He let go of the headboard with his free hand, and grabbed on to Azazel's tail, still tight around his waist. “Whatever you want, mi amor,”

With one last thrust, Azazel bit down on the back of his neck, and got what he wanted. The sound Janos made wasn't loud, his breath robbed of him, but it was Azazel's name, and that was enough for Azazel to shudder against his back, gasping his name for Janos.

Azazel chuckled, and pulled out, as Janos let go of the headboard, falling down on the bed with a satisfied sound. Azazel collapsed beside him, grabbing a pack off the table, one of theirs. His own, he realized, when he saw the paper.

They passed it back and forth, not much caring about ash on the bed at the moment.

“ I like when you speak Spanish,” Azazel said, his voice hoarse.

“Hm,” Janos replied, tucking his arm under his head. His hair felt damp from sweat, and he reminded himself to wash it again in the morning. “Do you want me to speak it more often?”

“If you do that, we will have a problem,” Azazel said, putting out the cigarette in the ashtray beside the bed.

“I am not opposed to more sex like that.” Janos mused, and Azazel laughed. “That felt good, my love,” He said.

Azazel lifted himself up and over Janos, kissing his neck, working his way up to Janos' ear. He smelled like Janos' cigarettes now, instead of his own.

“You started calling me your storm years ago.” Janos said, making a small noise of pleasure when Azazel sucked on the lobe of his ear. “Why?”

“Because if I said it, and you didn't protest, I could pretend it was true.” He said, breathing in Janos' ear the way he liked. “Perhaps not my most honest moment.” He admitted, but he didn't sound sorry, not that Janos expected him to.

“You're a devil,” Janos said, stroking his hair mindlessly while Azazel continued his ministrations. “My devil though.”

He canted his hips up as his cock finally managed to take interest again, Azazel's tail wrapping around it.

“How do you say that in Spanish?” Azazel asked, as Janos started to pant.

Mi diablo,” He told him, his hand gripping the sheets.

Azazel climbed on top of him, so they could slide together, Azazel's tail helping.

“How do you say, 'fuck me harder'?”

Fuck me harder,” Janos said, wrapping an arm around Azazel's neck.

“And how do you say 'I love you'?”

Te amo,” Janos wrapped a leg around Azazel's waist, meeting Azazel halfway.

They didn't speak anymore, his second orgasm of the night quiet and quick against Azazel's stomach, Azazel just as fast.

He got up with a groan after, already feeling the soreness he'd be living with in the morning.

“Janos,” Azazel complained, but Janos waved him off. There was no way he could sleep like this, regardless of how good it felt to be in Azazel's arms after sex. In the bathroom, he washed himself off, and came back with one to wipe down Azazel's stomach. Azazel let him, stretching under him as his tail wound lazily through the air. Janos grabbed that too, and Azazel frowned, but Janos wiped it down anyway.

He tossed it in the laundry, then put the candles on the dresser out, before crawling back into bed.

“Why don't you ever clean up after sex?” Janos complained.

“Still not used to it.” He explained, his tail wrapping around Janos' waist as his eyelids grew heavy. “Not used to staying after sex.”

“Oh, so I'm special?” Janos asked, sniffing as he burrowed down under the blankets.

“Unfortunately.” Azazel muttered. “I should have fallen for a man with less mood swings.” He yelped when Janos pinched his tail suddenly, eyes opening in surprise.

“You just have to push, don't you?” Azazel released him from his tail and wrapped him in his arms instead, pulling him close.

“Quit being a pain,” He demanded.

“Make me.”

“Maybe in the morning.” His breathing grew deep and even as he gave in to sleep, leaving Janos alone in the waking world.

Carefully, so as not to disturb him, he curled further into Azazel's space.

It was not a joke, not to him. And he didn't think it was to Azazel.

“I, Janos, love you, Azazel, as my husband,” He vowed, quietly, so quietly it was almost silent. “And give myself to you, and promise to be faithful, in joy and in sorrow, in health and disease,” His voice became even softer, as he spoke into Azazel's collarbone.

Azazel, who had agreed to his arrogant presumption, his attempt to show Azazel that this was not a fling, that Janos was just as committed.

“Every day of my life.” He finished, meaning every word.


[User Picture]From: shar_bernadotte
2012-01-29 04:49 am (UTC)
*Running in circles*

OMG another chapter! I like the interaction between Janos and Emma, and even Angel. I always love the interactions in your stories. The ending is so sweet! I look forward to seeing Janos repeat that to Azazel while he is really awake.
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[User Picture]From: tane_the_insane
2012-02-01 06:53 am (UTC)
I am not so sure he will say it while Azazel is awake. But I am glad you like the interactions. I try hard with them, and lately, I am rather unsatisfied with them. So seeing someone else happy relieves some of my worries.
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2012-01-29 03:24 pm (UTC)
Wow, what a chapter! I love Janos and Emma's relationship, and the idea of them all being one big family. I'm glad Janos and Azazel got everything settled, and yay for hot makeup sex! And the end... *sigh* Wonderful chapter.
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[User Picture]From: tane_the_insane
2012-02-01 04:17 am (UTC)
Thank you, Maddie. I always enjoy your comments and encouragement. And yes, they are settled now. I'm actually even using this fic as in-universe canon for a future fic of mine involving Nightcrawler and Toad.
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I love this story, and am always excited for an update! This chapter is particularly sweet.
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2012-02-04 02:08 am (UTC)
Thank you for the comment! They are always appreciated.
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For goodness' sake this is just ybygrdrguh! Mind blowing, loved every second of it
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Love this so muck. I think ive read most of your fics and quite a good amount of fics in general and i have to say: this one is awesome
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